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Everything you need at your fingertips.

Quick and easy searches, sales and rent control, broker commissions and everything in the cloud.

Nosso App

Real Estate Management


An agile, intuitive and easy-to-use system, Imobsenior was developed for real estate agencies that want practicality. You can include your customers, prospects, investors, tenants and lessors in an objective manner and in compliance with the rules of the LGPD (General Data Protection Law) regarding data security and its anonymization.

Register your property portfolio and have it in the palm of your hand, as
Imobsenior also provides an app for smartphones that allows you to search at any time within your property portfolio, which are available and which fit into the most varied forms of filtering. Are you looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in a certain neighborhood, priced up to a certain value and that has 2 parking spaces overlooking the sea? The app finds and displays the results. Act outside your office with the same security and agility as inside it.

The Imobsenior offers you:

  • Smartphone search app

  • Control of Property for Sale or Lease Portfolio

  • Control of Commissions to Brokers and Partners

  • Accounts Payable and Receivable integrated

  • Schedule for Appointments for Fundraising, Reception, Sales, etc.

  • Fully Cloud: Don't worry about server upgrades, backups or costly maintenance

Discover our Advantages

Agile, Practical and very Intuitive... and even more attributes.

High performance

Anytime, anywhere by any authorized person, Imobsenior will be available on your computer, laptop or smartphone, providing data from your customer base for fast and effective searches!

Online support

From the presentation to the test-drive version until the implementation of no robots! You will be attended by a person who will know what to teach you and what can be improved.

Greater Security

Fully in the cloud, automatic backup at the provider, obeying the LGPD rules and individualized treatment!


Know everything the system can offer you:

Customize your experience.

Imobsenior is not a closed package. It is a scalable system that allows the addition of customized routines adapted to the day-to-day of each real estate agent or independent broker in a specific way. Want a new routine? Need a report or specific routine? You may. And there is no extra cost for that.

Access wherever you are!

Fully in cloud, hosted by 1st tier provider, 24x7, with automatic backup. Want to login? Access.
Whether by smartphone, micro or laptop, Imobsenior will be on the air and is still able to provide images for your website on the internet because its database is able to store this too. The realtor can take to the streets with the real estate agency in hand!

Como Funciona

You helped build this story.

Porque o melhor é o mais fácil de usar!

It is using this very simple concept that Miami Systems, through its predecessors, has been working for over 30 years in the market of specific systems, working in the development of systems in a Web or Windows environment, with tools such as Scriptcase and PHP as well as Visual Basic with Postgres and Access databases for which we are certified experts.

Starting in 1988, we operate solely in the Insurance Brokers segment. From 2000, we also started to work on the development of systems for Mechanical Workshops and Auto Centers. In 2018 we also started to develop projects for Logistics and Storage of Containers and now in 2021 with all our systems already migrated to the Web environment, we started to develop applications for Real Estate.

Our work policy includes 7 points:


¨ Every company is made up of people and not just machines.

¨ All work must generate responsibility and profit.

¨ Never forget that the best system is always the easiest to use.

¨ Respect the Customer's experience and increase ours with it.

¨ Constant improvement to achieve the best.

¨ Always listen to the Customer and create possible adaptations after deploying if he requests

¨ Only pass on the technology already tested and guaranteed to the Customer.

Quem Somos

Meet the Imobsenior. Try it out now!

Access our test-drive version and see the screens, fields and some features.

Click on the button above to access the site where the system is.


The login and password screen will open. Fill in the fields as instructed above.

Click on the "Login" button
The screen below will appear. Good test!

Teste o Sistema

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